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When a baby is injured during birth they are going to have a lifetime of medical expenses that need to be taken care of. The parents should contact a birth injury lawyer right away to get the compensation that they need. A birth injury can be due to the negligence of a doctor or a nurse during labor and delivery. A birth injury lawyer can handle several types of cases.

There are different types of birth injury cases that a lawyer can handle. They will handle a baby that has been injured due to asphyxiation. This can happen if the baby gets stuck in the birth canal or if the umbilical cord gets wrapped around their neck during the birthing process This can cut off air supply to the babies and cause a number of mental and physical injuries at birth and as the child grows.

A baby can become injured due to mistakes during the labor and delivery process. A mistake from a doctor or a nurse can lead to a lifetime of hardship for the family and the baby. Accidents can also happen during caesarean sections. When a mistake like this is made the family is going to need compensation in order to care for the child and handle their medical needs.

The birth injury lawyers can help with a number of other health conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy. As well as hypoxic ischemic encephalophy among other birth injuries.

When a child is injured during the birthing process the family needs to contact a birth injury lawyer. The lawyer can get the family the compensation that they need to take care of the child and provide them the physical and the mental health services that they are going to need. 

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